IPSA Cert acquired a approval of a Research & Development Center affiliated with a company for research on standardization from NACI (National Accreditation Center of Iran )

Now, the biggest issue of certification is to enhance reliability. We, IPSA Cert put the maximum emphasis for the establishment of certification reliability through research on Standardization.

IPSA Cert will make a flat–out effort in order to develop a reliability of certification through objective, fair and continuous R&D, operating a research center affiliated with a company independently for standardization of certification.

Research Fields

Step 1: Root Cause Analysis for Standardization
Step 2: The best Countermeasure
Step 3: Solution of Reliability
Step 4: Monitoring

About IPSA

IPSA Cert is a ISO certification body & Training body. Arvand samane pishgaman sanat ( IPSA Cert ) started his work in 2010. This company Opened under the consideration of  Babak Rayt who has more than 18 years experience in quality management system and worked for different companies and as a lead auditor, audited many companies in different scope. Read more


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